About BHAM

Launched in March 2014 as a pilot effort by the Bisexual Resource Center, Bisexual Health Awareness Month (BHAM) is a social media campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the bisexual community’s social, economic, and health disparities.

Campaign Mission:

The mission of BHAM is to raise awareness about the bisexual community’s physical and mental health disparities and to promote varying levels of action and intervention (e.g. individual, organizational, community) that aim to address these disparities.

Campaign Values:

  1. Intersectionality – Bisexual Health Awareness Month actively aims to raise awareness about bisexual health disparities through an intersectional lens, including but not limited to: gender, race, ability, class, and age
  2. Advocacy – Bisexual Health Awareness Month proposes and promotes policy solutions and interventions that endeavor to address or decrease bisexual health disparities
  3. Support – Bisexual Health Awareness Month provides support to the bisexual community by generating and promoting bisexual-specific, health-focused, and evidence-based resources and information

Focus Weeks (aka SIRA) During the Campaign:

  • Statistics – A focus on current statistics and research data regarding health disparities in the bisexual community
  • Intersectionality – Emphasis on how race, ethnicity, class, age, ability, etc., can further impact health disparities in the bisexual community, particularly in regards to experiences of oppression and discrimination
  • Resources – A spotlight on current resources and creation of new ones that can address health disparities in the bisexual community
  • Action – Promotion and development of interventions, policies, and other activities that work to prevent or decrease health disparities in the bisexual community