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2022 Campaign

About #BiHealthMonth:

Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month (#BiHealthMonth), led annually in March by the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC), raises awareness about the bisexual+ (bi, pansexual, fluid, queer, etc.) community’s social, economic, and health disparities; advocates for resources; and inspires actions to improve bi+ people’s well-being.

“Connection” Theme:

This year’s #BiHealthMonth theme is “Connection”. This theme has been chosen to highlight the importance of connecting bisexual+ people to each other, to supportive communities, and to healthcare resources that are affirming of their identities.

While there are many different ways that bi+ people can connect, the goal of connection is to build safe, inclusive spaces — in-person and online, locally and globally — for bi+ people to share their experiences and create meaningful relationships. When bi+ people are connected, it greatly improves their physical, mental, and social health, particularly for bi+ people living in historically oppressed, marginalized, or isolated communities.

The past two years of the pandemic have shown the value of finding new, creative ways to connect and build bisexual+ spaces. Please join the BRC and our partners as we celebrate bi+ connection and commit to creating and maintaining spaces where bi+ people can connect, communicate, and build healthy communities.

How to Participate:

You can participate by:

  1. Posting one or more resources or infographics with the hashtag #BiHealthMonth
  2. Hosting a community event for bisexual+ people
  3. Donating to the Bisexual Resource Center, the Visibility Impact Fund, or another bisexual+ community organization

#BiHealthMonth Events

This year’s #BiHealthMonth partner events include podcasts, panels, support groups, and casual social hangouts with bi+ people from across the nation and around the globe. Mark your calendar and RSVP today to connect with your bi+ community! Events with an asterisk (*) are hosted by the Bisexual Resource Center.

If you would like your #BiHealthMonth event added to this list, please email with the details and registration link!

3/1, 8pm ET – Treacle Movie Night & Commentary with April Kelley * 
3/1, 6pm ET – Bisexual Social and Support Group (BLiSS)*
3/3, 7pm ET – SAGA Community Center’s Transgender & Nonbinary Support Group
3/3, 8pm ET – Triangle Community Center’s Bisexuals & Allies Peer Support Chat
3/5, 1pm ET – Boston Bisexual Women’s Network’s Digital Brunch
3/6, 2pm ET – Bi+ Crafternoon*
3/7, 6pm ET – BiRequest’s Social and Discussion Group
3/7, 9pm ET – Biosphere Online Chat! Hosted by the LA LGBT Center in partnership with amBi
3/8, 7pm ET – Bisexual+ Self-Care and Discussion Group by SideBiSide
3/8, 7pm ET – Bisexual & Bi-Curious Men’s Group*
3/10, 4:30pm ET – PFLAG: Something to Talk About Live!
3/10, 8pm ET – Bi+ People in the Arts
3/15, 7pm ET – Center Bi+ Community & Gender Queer DC’s Bi+ Discussion Group
3/15, 7pm ET – SideBiSide International Support & Discussion Group
3/19, 11:30am ET – Biversity Brunch*
3/19, 1pm ET – Bi+ Georgia’s Healthy and Thriving 2022 Panel
3/19, 7pm ET – Bisexual+ Trivia Game & Drinks by BiRequest
3/20, 2pm ET – Tea with Bisexual Women Partnered with Men*
3/20, 3pm ET – BiRequest: Bi+ Health Palooza!
3/22, 7pm ET – Bisexual+ Self-Care and Discussion Group by SideBiSide
3/26, 3pm ET – Bisexual Queer Alliance Chicago’s Bi Discussion Group
3/31, 7pm ET – North Shore Pride Community Forum