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Selected Articles & Media Coverage

The Trevor Project: Research Brief: Bisexual Youth Experience

Howard Brown Health: Let’s Talk About Bi+Health and Identity: A Community Conversation

Center for Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality: Reppin Ain’t Easy and Some of Us Are Brave

BiMyselfBlog: Bi-News: Improving My Own Health at the End of Bi-Health Month

The Blue & Gray Press: Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month draws attention to hidden issue

LGBTQ Nation: Bisexual youth are the most likely to be bullied & consider suicide

BiMyselfBlog: Bi-News: LGBTQ+ Women’s Sexual Health

Human Rights Campaign: Youth Ambassador Spotlight: Zoey Luna

Bustle: Bisexual Youth Health Statistics Show How Bi Teens Need More Mental Health Support, A New Report Shows

Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth: March Recognized as Bisexual Health Awareness Month

Howard Brown Health: Let’s Talk about Bi+ Health

Pride in Practice: Biphobia Limits Health Research and Hurts Patients

Human Rights Campaign: Tips for Doctors to Better Treat Bisexual Patients

Family Values @ Work: It’s #BiHealthMonth and We Need Paid Leave!

BiMyselfBlog: Bi-News: How We Can Make Sex Safer for LGBTQ+ Youth

South Florida Gay News: March is Bisexual Health Awareness Month

Human Rights Campaign: Ten Women Leaders Breaking Barriers for Bisexual Representation

BiMyselfBlog: Bi-News: Sexual Violence

Georgia Voice: Bisexual People Should Come out to Their Doctor, Says Human Rights Campaign

Human Rights Campaign: Activists Work to Say Bye-Bye to Bi Health Disparities

BiMyselfBlog: Bi-News: Bisexual Health Awareness Month- Taking Care of My Bi-Self

Gay Star News: Sara Ramirez Pushes the Positivity at Start of #BiHealthMonth

BANG! Season 3 Episode 1: All Bi Myself

Human Rights Campaign: Celebrating the Power of Representation this Bisexual Health Awareness Month

BiMyselfBlog: Bi-News: Bisexual Health Awareness Month- Coming Out to Your Doctor

The BiCast: 2019 Bisexual Health Awareness Month with BRC’s Laura DelloStritto and Alexandra Bolles