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Content & Resources

Statistics Week

Bi+ Youth: Biphobia, Coming Out, and Community

Bi+ Youth: Sexual & Reproductive Health

Bi+ Youth: Bullying & Interpersonal Violence

Bi+ Youth: Mental Health


Intersectionality Week

Bisexual+ and Transgender* Youth

Bisexual+ Youth of Color

Bisexual+ Youth with Disabilities

Bisexual+ Youth who are Homeless or of Low Income

Bi+ Day of Remembrance


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Photo by Lauren Sageer

Resources Week

Coming Out and Bisexual Community

Sexual Health

Bullying and Interpersonal Violence

Mental Health

Learning More About the B in LGBT is one example of over 50 lesson plans that have been compiled for educators teaching about sexual orientation. ORIENTATION: Teaching About Identity, Attraction and Behavior is being published by the Center for Sex Education. Expected release date is summer 2016. For more information about this lesson plan or the teaching manual, please contact Terri Clark at 


Action Week

Supporting Bisexual+ Youth at Home

Boosting Bisexual+ Competency for Healthcare Providers

Supporting Bisexual+ Youth in School

Caring for Bisexual+ Homeless Youth

Building Bi-Inclusive Community Spaces